SunrisePOS Chronic Tacos Review

I’ve used SunrisePOS systems in all three of the Chronic Tacos locations I opened.  The software is extremely easy to use.  I think one of the best parts about using them is the 24/7 support they have given me over the years. Any time there’s an issue, any time of day, one call and it’s…


LightSpeed Retail FAQ

FAQ What is a LightSpeed User License? The number of user licenses represents the number of computers that can be simultaneously logged into LightSpeed. For example: With a 3 user license you can have LightSpeed installed on an unlimited number of Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch clients, 3 of which can be logged in…


Chronic Cantina

“With Sunrise Tech… It hardly ever went down and if it one of the stores did, it was a quick call, they would log into which ever store I needed some assistance with, and bang. FIXED.. You guys rock.”…

L. Sleenhof
Chronic Tacos and Chronic Cantina

Crispins Eatery

Thanks for such incredible and professional work you and guys did at the restaurant. The POS system, the TV and Audio System, CCTV System and alarm all work perfectly And thanks again for the tip on the Meraki unit. We use it weekly to do new ads and get Tons of email addresses and friends joining our Facebook page.