How do I know which Restaurant or Retail POS System is the right one for my business?

Your Restaurant and Retail POS System decision is never an easy one to make – There are many options such as: station requirements, remote printer options, inventory control, wireless hand-held ordering and mobile POS options, online ordering and web-cart interface options, simple QuickBooks financial integration, custom or “out of the box” restaurant and retail POS system packages and much more. And EVERYONE says that they either specialize in your industry – or have the cheapest price on the block (If you are buying strictly on price – you really should rethink your budget. Your POS system runs your business every day and is really not where you want to “go cheap”) – and some say they offer good customer service 24/7 – but how do I really know?

Answer: Honestly – Most people don’t. And that’s OK.. That is why we are here. We have put together industry specific packages and sometimes custom packages that we install in specific industries every day. We know what works – because we are integrators.. This is actually what separates us from many other POS and restaurant and retail technology dealers. SunrisePOS is a full service company – not just an online POS dealer. Our technicians install and support retail and restaurant POS Systems, CCTV Surveillance Systems, Digital Signage Solutions, Digital LCD Menu Boards, Wireless and Mobile Solutions, Audio and Video systems – all over the world – everyday. And you better believe that if we are deploying a system in Costa Rica or even right down the street – we are going to want to be 100% confident that the system has been staged, tested and is stable and secure. That is why all of our systems and ALL hardware is staged (see below for description of “staging”) and bench tested for 24 hours at one of our fulfillment facilities.  SunrisePOS also does not offer any used or refurbished POS systems or equipment.

At SunrisePOS – we have over 15 years of business growth and success with thousands and thousands of retailers and restaurants – all over the US (Including Hawaii and Guam), Canada, Mexico, South America, Middle East, Europe, Asia and more. We sell and service Aldelo for Restaurants POS Systems, Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems, PC America, ShopKeep POS, LightSpeed POS, and Comcash POS Systems in, bars, pubs, nightclubs, comedy and member clubs, full service and self serve frozen yogurt stores, coffee carts, kiosks of all kinds, quick-service restaurants, pizza places, drive-thru restaurants, casual and formal dining restaurants of all kinds and sizes – specialty and general retailers, liquor stores, grocery and convenience store, dollar stores, seasonal stores, furniture stores, car washes, member and club stores – YOU NAME IT – WE HAVE DONE IT!

And we have done it all utilizing our “out of box systems” or one of our more customized solutions. Please see our industry specific restaurant POS Systems by clicking here – Please see our industry specific retail POS systems packages by clicking here – or request a free custom estimate by clicking here.

  • Not all POS dealers are the same. Some offer very low pricing – but accompany that with poor service. SunrisePOS, Inc. has on many occasions been called on by Aldelo Systems LP, Comcash and Microsoft – (most of time by a customer that got left high and dry by their old POS dealer) ” to clean up the mess” of other dealer.

Our systems and professional services are industry proven.

Over the past 15 years we have had the opportunity to work and continue to install and support solutions for some of the largest names in the Retail, Restaurant, Amusement Parks and the Hospitality industry.

We have installed retail POS systems in clothing and specialty boutiques such as Amelie, Lizzy’ B and Time After Time – Dance stores such as Strictly Work-out Wear and Brentwood Dance – Chain Stores such as Everything $5 and YMI Jeans (Styles 4 You) – Liquor and Grocery Stores such as King Liquor’s, Family Lumpia Market and Monarch Beach Market – Furniture Stores Such as Living Textiles and  – Building Material Chain Stores – Consignment and Large “previously owned goods” Stye Stores such as Rags to Riches – YOU NAME IT – WE HAVE DONE IT!

We work with Restaurants such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Tutti Futti Frozen Yogurt, Blizz Frozen Yogurt, Pinkberry, Flame Broiler, Carrow’s Family Restaurants, Caio Italian Restaurant on Balboa Island, NB (Say Hi to Tony and Jan – they LOVE us and will give us an incredible reference), Main Street Wine Bar (say hi top Mark and Oscar), Maurice Carrie Winery, Saki Lounge and Buddha’s Favorite to amazing start up franchises like Chronic Tacos. From single station and single register restaurant customers of all types and sizes to chains and franchises.. We have you covered.

Chronic Tacos started with one location 11 years ago and now they have 34 locations – all over the West Coast, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho and now spreading into Canada with two location in Vancouver and more to come. So we are here to grow with you as well.

We also have hundreds and hundreds of self serve frozen yogurt customers and more adding every day so we sure know froyo! SunrisePOS also works with large nightclubs such as Chronic Cantina, Fusion Ultra Lounge and Aura Nightclub as well as have developed some amazing wireless and hand-held POS systems that are being used in Mobile Food Truck POS applications, Comedy Club and Large Event Venue’s and much more..

We treat every restaurant and customer – from a mobile food truck, mobile food pod, food kiosk to chain store and franchise customer – exactly the same. All of our customers are our top priority and are very special to us – we understand that if you succeed – so do we and you can guarantee that we are there for you 24/7.

Why would I buy Comcash POS for my retail store instead of Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems (RMS) Store Operations?

Answer: Not all retailers are the same – Just like not all retail POS software is the same.

Some retailers may require “non-retail traditional” functions that Microsoft RMS does not offer out of box or without adding a third party add-on module.

Features such as the ability to receive goods without first creating a Purchase Order – Or if you have a lot of very small items or non barcodable items or even services; you can create a quick item or service item ordering pop-up menu to quickly enter those items or services into a quote or work order or invoice – Or Maybe your retail store also has a coffee kiosk or cart or wine tasting or cigar smoking room and you need some basic restaurant features such as the ability to take tips or put invoices on hold or split checks..

Comcash can handle all of these features without a problem – right out of the box – all at an affordable price – Comcash is a feature Rich all in one Retail POS Solution and does not require the addition of sometimes expensive or untested add-on modules.

How do I know that if I buy one of the SunrisePOS online systems that it will come “ready to go” right out of the box?

Great Question: SunrisePOS has a strict policy when it comes to all pre-packaged industry specific POS systems – all the way down to just a simple single gift card. WE TEST EVERYTHING BEFORE IT GOES OUT OF OUR DOOR.

SunrisePOS offer’s an amazing solution for the customer that want to assemble their own POS system – And we make it very easy. You can be up and running in hours and not days.

SunrisePOS stages your POS systems prior to packing for transport.

What is staging? We actually pull all of the hardware and peripherals out of the manufacturer’s box and run it through a 24 hour bench test process that assists us in identifying any issues, clearly labeling all peripheral power and interface cables to assist in easy self installation, load any customer specific information such as pre-programmed menus etc. and then boxing the system up for secure transport).

How do I know how many cameras I will need to cover my business sufficiently inside an out?

SunrisePOS, Inc. offers CCTV surveillance camera systems, live web cam solutions, and wireless camera solutions from one camera in one location to hundreds of cameras in locations just about anywhere.

A good rule of thumb for most retail stores. You want to cover your POS Systems, all front, rear and/or side exits, your storage room or warehouse, your managerial areas – be it an office or a bench – cover it! Safes – Expensive product storage areas – And your higher priced floor products. Things to keep in mind – Your ceiling (Drop ceiling is easy to install CCTV Surveillance Systems – Yes, you do have to lift up some of your tiles to run the cables.

Does SunrisePOS, Inc. offer technical support 24/7?

Yes, through our sister company Sunrise Technical Services, Inc. – we offer many technical support options. From Per incident support options as low as $99.00 to TRUE 24/7 LIVE Technical Support Options! Yes – With SunrisePOS – You can actually talk to a LIVE person that can assist you with your Aldelo for Restaurants – Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store – Or Comcash technical support needs 24/7. Please see your specific support contract for the exact details of your level of support that you purchased or call us today and to get more information. (714) 444 – 2844.

How do I log a Technical Support Ticket if I have a technical support problem?




What if my product or service needs are a little for specific or not an “out of the box” solution?

No problem. We offer 100% custom solution development services. SunirsePOS was approached and asked to be the technology services developer of the entire Grand Canyon Skywalk. Delivering them a completely integrated and custom solution that encompassed Online and Walk-up Ticket Sales, Concession Stand POS Systems for Restaurant and Retail Items, Moneyless Wristband RFID POS Solution, Labor Management with Time and Attendance, Amazing Interactive CCTV surveillance Systems with 24 hour monitoring at multiple locations, Wireless Security and Access Control Services, Completely Interactive Souvenir Photo Solution – Gigantic 8Ft Round Satellite Dish for Wireless Internet and VOIP System – Oh – Did I mention we only had less than 90 days to do it in as the previous solution provider they had contracted out failed to deliver a solution in time.

SunrisePOS, Inc. delivered an amazing solution and set the groundwork for the rest of the system expansion.

“And we all got to meet Buzz Aldrin – and be there when they pushed the Grand Canyon Skywalk Bridge into place  – it was pretty amazing. BPH”

How do I purchase Aldelo software product licenses?
Answer: Aldelo software product licenses are available through SunrisePOS, Inc. from our website or feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-531-4767 if you are interested in purchase Aldelo software product licenses or turn key solutions containing Aldelo software product licenses
  • You can also click here to submit a sales inquiry, and we will have one of our market specialists contact you right away.
What is the retail price (MSRP) of Aldelo software product licenses?
Answer: The Aldelo software product licenses are very competitively priced, even at its retail (MSRP) price. SunrisePOS, Inc. offer’s even more discounted pricing as we are a large dealer and buy at volume pricing rates – which allows us to pass along to the end user. To find out the current retail (MSRP) prices of any of our software product licenses, please contact our sales office at 800.531.4767. Or simply click here.
How do I request a fully functional trial copy of Aldelo For Restaurants software?
Answer: We believe the best way to evaluate a software product is to give customers a fully functional copy of our software to try out. If you are interested to receive a fully working copy of Aldelo For Restaurants, please contact our sales office at 800.531.4767 or fill out a trial software request form.
Why is Aldelo’s payment processing software more advantageous?
Answer: SunirsePOS recommends OpenEdge for credit card processing and Gift Cards (Multi-Location Gift Card Supported) within Aldelo for Restaurants for many reasons.
OpenEdge is a “Fully Integrated” and PCI Compliant processing solutions meaning you can integrate Pin Debit devices (FREE OF CHARGE), Manage Multi-Location Gift Cards with ease and through a SPECIAL deal negotiated with SunrisePOS – We will even provide the Aldelo PPI Edition Software for FREE – And set it  up and test it for FREE!) (Saving you at least $1,000.00 plus installation).
Most hospitality software developers’ payment processing capabilities are made available through integration to a third party payment middleware, or integrate directly to a select few payment gateways or processors. These strategies hinder the hospitality software developers’ payment related support services or payment processor choices. Utilizing third party payment middleware may possibly increase support obstacles. When there is a technical issue related to the integration, transaction processing, reporting or daily batch closing, customers usually end up having to deal with the hospitality software developer, the payment middleware developer, the ISO, and the payment processor. Each organization might not be able to fully take the ownership of the issue, resulting in unnecessary frustration for the customer.Alternatively, if the hospitality software developer makes integration available to a select few gateways or processors, such limitation usually prohibits the customer from choosing the best payment processor for their business. Aldelo’s approach to payment processing overcomes both of these obstacles. Aldelo develops their own payment processing software that is certified on almost all major tier 1 payment processor platforms. Their solution has direct integration to TSYS, First Data, Global, Paymentech, RBS WorldPay, Heartland, Mercury, and many others but comes at a small charge. Essentially, our customers can choose virtually any processing networks and keep existing ISO relations. But we recommend OpenEdge.
  • Since Aldelo’s payment processing software is developed by our own in house development team, that means we have 100% control over the integration to the point of sale software as well as all technical issues related to all of our software products. If there are ever any questions or service needs on either point of sale or payment processing, our 24/7 technical support group can take ownership of the case entirely.

    The Aldelo EDC payment processing solution is also widely deployed in the field. Since its initial release in late 2006, they have deployed to over 35,000 merchant locations as of December 31, 2014. If you wish to simplify support, maintain processor choice diversity, and want to experience reliability and security, then contact our sales office at 800.531.4767 to inquire about migration to Aldelo EDC today.

Can I keep my current payment processor when I migrate to Aldelo point of sale solution?
  • Answer: Yes. When you migrate to Aldelo point of sale solutions, you have the ability to keep your existing payment processor, banking relation and ISO agent. Our Aldelo EDC payment processing software is certified on almost all major tier 1 payment processor platforms. To ensure a smooth transition, we suggest you or your ISO agent to contact our sales office at 800.531.4767 to find out which supported processor is the best choice before migrating the point of sale solution. (Note: Aldelo EDC license is sold separately)
How can I ask more about sales related questions?

Answer: Please contact us at 800.531.4767 or email at One of our market specialists will be happy to assist you. Or feel free to browse through our online store at