Powerful iPad Restaurant POS App Perfect for

All Table Service & Quick Service Restaurants


Aldelo Touch is a powerful and ultra-advanced restaurant point of sale app. Aldelo Touch is designed exclusively for the iPad and iPad mini. Instilled with the same valuable features as XERA POS and the accessible real-time back office reporting. Aldelo Touch couples the best of cloud and mobility to help restaurateurs to achieve greater efficiency and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Aldelo Touch for iPad & iPad mini

Aldelo Touch is a free download from Apple App Store. Aldelo Touch is all about extreme Flexibility,
Simplicity and Efficiency. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

Subscription pricing model is simple and easy. Each iPad is only $49.00 per month. This price includes the monthly subscription fee, access to all new versions and upgrades during the covered period and 24/7 US Based Technical Support.

No contract obligation

POS software for iPad & iPad mini

1 device subscriptions per store minimum

No software purchase

No upfront software cost

Full floor plan design & operations

No annual fee

Free 24/7 live support

Free back office with reporting


Robust & Powerful POS

Full features with customizable menu panels, modifiers, combo meals, mix & match to handle any complex order entry challenges with the fewest steps required.

Flexible Operations

Unbelievable flexibility for kitchen print routing, splitting and combining checks, items and tenders, to help achieve greater efficiency and simplicity.

Table Management

Design your floor plan layout with customizable color-coded seating status. Automatic coursing, gratuity, and guest counts are all in your complete control.

Aldelo POS Cloud

Web-based back office and reporting solution, empowering restaurateurs with true freedom to manage stores from anywhere, anytime.

Seamless Integration

Fully Integrated with other Aldelo’s POS solutions, providing restaurateurs the best integrated POS and management experience like no other.

24/7 Technical Services

Our 24/7 live help desk is located in California. Around the clock peace of mind is just a phone call away.

Aldelo Touch on IPAD