signage_diagramSunrisePOS, Inc has extensive knowledge in Digital Signage Systems of all kinds. From Simple single monitor systems that flash through images to multiple screens and monitors with quadrant control, live video feeds, rss feeds, weather and news feeds and much more.

Envios Digital signage solutions can be implemented in hotels and restaurants, movie theaters, coffee shops, doctor and dentist offices, retail environments, educational facilities, corporate environments, transportation facilities or anywhere you may have a captive audience.

Envios Digital signage and networking solutions enable advertisers to drive and control multiple screens simultaneously and independently from one central location.

Statistics prove that digital signage solutions brings superior return on investment results compared to traditional printed advertisements.

Digital signage consists of message boards, LCD or plasma display panels, electronic billboards, projection screens, and other emerging display types like Organic LED screens that can be controlled by your PC, allocating the control of content via the Internet.


Copy of Digital signage PicturesRetailDisplay messages reach consumers at the point of sale and can be altered to meet the needs of specific locations and targeted demographics. Frequent price updates and sales specials can be displayed in specific departments as well as store-wide. Brand advertisers and retailers can target consumers directly with in-store displays in quick service restaurants, grocery stores, banks, department stores, and shopping malls.

Rail Station Digital SignageTransportationDigital signage is penetrating train stations, airports and buses around the world, simplifying the travel experience. Arrival and departure times, as well as announcements and messages, can be sent to specific gate locations, and updated frequently as needed. Tourist information centers can display maps and directions with interactive kiosks. Car and airline reservation systems can target specific locations from a central server.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEntertainment and HospitalityRestaurants, hotels, casinos, cruise ships and resorts worldwide have implemented the convenience and simplicity of digital signage. Remote monitors can display motion and streaming videos, maintaining interest by constantly varying messages. Cinemas can display show previews and coming attractions to draw consumers’ attention. In-room casino gaming instructions can run in unique sections. Restaurants can display their menu specials on screen and program the server to change them at specific hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hotels can display schedules for business meetings, upcoming event venues, and room vacancies, updated for each location by the hour.

Networked Media Solution ImageEducation – Presenter is ideal for the classroom environment, allowing the teacher to monitor and control students’ activities from a single PC. Each student can work on unique applications from his or her own separate station. Administrators at educational institutions can broadcast assignments, messages and events to faculty, students, and staff at different locations without excessive costly overlap.

Copy of digital_signage22Advertising – Digital signage is replacing conventional printed advertising and billboard displays by sending targeted messages to different locations at specific times from a central server. Presenter can control up to 16 unique message centers from one remote location. Each time digital signage advertisers change their message they save on printing costs and processing time.

skywalk 6-29-07 107Government and TicketingManage single displays and multiple networks including municipal and public access television and emergency management from a single location. Emergency messages and alerts can be sent to government employees, military, and the general public. Secure content can be displayed in closed-circuit to specific remote clients, while general alerts, for example, emergency security messages or weather alerts can appear in public arenas.

Copy of digital signage(2)BusinessCommunicate with employees, partners and customers making certain critical messages are seen. Presenter applications for businesses include message displays in call centers, assembly floor, plant operations, human resources, employee bulletin boards, corporate TV, and cafeterias. In addition, each employee can work and run programs on unique stations that are connected and controlled by the central server. Individual monitors can run PowerPoint presentations, conduct searches, or check emails, all simultaneously and independently.

SunrisePOS, Inc. and Envios Digital Empowers the New Digital Signage Revolution!

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