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Order Confirmation Systems help decrease order errors and allow you to offer up sell items. It’s thousands of time better than customer pole display

Pole Display provides convenient order confirmation for customers at quick service and fast casual restaurants.

Unfortunately, the 2 by 20 character capacity on the traditional customer pole display limits available information and usefulness.

Aldelo Media Display software is a great replacement for the traditional customer pole displays. With Aldelo Media Display, clear and detailed customer order confirmation is achieved.

Aldelo Media Display software also provides multimedia product advertising features to help restaurants better promote products and services. Media based advertisements display on the split screen layout, allowing customers to view the latest restaurant advertisements during order confirmation.

Bar operations can benefit from Aldelo Media Display software as well. In a Bar environment, the customer facing media display LCD provides a great way to showcase drink specials, bar snacks and upcoming special events.

Additionally, Aldelo Media Display software also serves as a great order confirmation for Drive Thru operations. POS terminal can be easily linked to the Media Display software loaded on a remote driveway terminal, displaying order confirmation and product advertisements at the same time to drive thru customers.

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Multimedia Product Advertising Streamlined

Aldelo Media Display software clearly shows each ordered menu item and modifiers to the on screen receipt, giving customers a clear view of the current order.

However, the strength of Aldelo Media Display is in the product advertising capabilities. Our software solution supports a split screen layout, with left side displaying the current receipt while media based advertisements are shown on the right.

Aldelo Media Display’s advertisements can be constructed from pictures and video files. Our solution supports a variety of picture formats such as JPG, PNG and BMP. Multiple video formats such as AVI and WMV are also supported.

Aldelo Media Display allows the creation of advertisement groups with user defined play schedules based on dates and times. Getting special advertisements to play for upcoming events, promotions and holiday menu is now a breeze. Best of all, advertisement groups can be scheduled in advance.

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Proactive Marketing Promotes Business

Aldelo Media Display delivers proactive marketing messages to your customers without any efforts.

Customers get to view your advertisements and special messages conveniently while they confirm their orders.

This is certainly a great time to indirectly promote your special products, events or just about anything that help increase ticket average and repeat business.

Customers also appreciate such information display, allowing them to confirm their orders clearly while discovering information that may entice them for more frequent repeat visits.

Aldelo Media Display software is the next generation replacement for the traditional customer pole displays. If you are operating a quick service, fast casual, bar or even drive thru establishment, you will like the way it helps you streamline order confirmation and enable proactive marketing.