Pre-Sale Questions

answers to common sales & deployment related topics

How do I purchase Aldelo software product licenses?

Answer: Aldelo software product licenses are available through SunrisePOS, Inc. from our website or feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-531-4767 if you are interested in purchase Aldelo software product licenses or turn key solutions containing Aldelo software product licenses

You can also click here to submit a sales inquiry, and we will have one of our market specialists contact you right away.

What is the retail price (MSRP) of Aldelo software product licenses?

Answer: The Aldelo software product licenses are very competitively priced, even at its retail (MSRP) price. SunrisePOS, Inc. offer’s even more discounted pricing as we are a large dealer and buy at volume pricing rates – which allows us to pass along to the end user. To find out the current retail (MSRP) prices of any of our software product licenses, please contact our sales office at 800.531.4767. Or simply click here.

How do I request a fully functional trial copy of Aldelo For Restaurants software?

Answer: We believe the best way to evaluate a software product is to give customers a fully functional copy of our software to try out. If you are interested to receive a fully working copy of Aldelo For Restaurants, please contact our sales office at 800.531.4767 or fill out a trial software request form.

What is the difference between Onsite Dealer and Online Dealer?

Answer: Please click here to request a fully functional trial of Aldelo for Restaurants Pro Version POS Software.

Why is Aldelo’s payment processing software more advantageous?

Answer: Most hospitality software developers’ payment processing capabilities are made available through integration to a third party payment middleware, or integrate directly to a select few payment gateways or processors. These strategies hinder the hospitality software developers’ payment related support services or payment processor choices.

Utilizing third party payment middleware may possibly increase support obstacles. When there is a technical issue related to the integration, transaction processing, reporting or daily batch closing, customers usually end up having to deal with the hospitality software developer, the payment middleware developer, the ISO, and the payment processor. Each organization might not be able to fully take the ownership of the issue, resulting in unnecessary frustration for the customer.

Alternatively, if the hospitality software developer makes integration available to a select few gateways or processors, such limitation usually prohibits the customer from choosing the best payment processor for their business.

Aldelo’s approach to payment processing overcomes both of these obstacles. We developed our own payment processing software that is certified on almost all major tier 1 payment processor platforms. Our solution has direct integration to TSYS, First Data, Global, Paymentech, RBS WorldPay, Heartland, PPI – Paymover, Mercury, and many others. Essentially, our customers can choose virtually any processing networks and keep existing ISO relations.


Since Aldelo’s payment processing software is developed by our own in house development team, that means we have 100% control over the integration to the point of sale software as well as all technical issues related to all of our software products. If there are ever any questions or service needs on either point of sale or payment processing, the Aldelo 24/7 technical support group can take ownership of the case entirely.

Our Aldelo EDC payment processing solution is also widely deployed in the field. Since its initial release in late 2006, we have deployed to over 10,000 merchant locations as of December 31, 2010. If you wish to simplify support, maintain processor choice diversity, and want to experience reliability and security, then contact our sales office at 800.531.4767 to inquire about migration to Aldelo EDC today.

SunrisePOS, Inc. has direct relations with Payment Processing Incorporated and Mercury Payment Systems that both offer the EDC software for FREE as well as fully integrated – Multi-Location Gift Card Functionality, Pin Based Debit Functionality and some of the lowers rates in the industry. These two integrated Merchant Services Providers can save you hundreds of dollars per you over many of their competitors.

Can I keep my current payment processor when I migrate to Aldelo point of sale solution?

Answer: Yes. When you migrate to Aldelo point of sale solutions, you have the ability to keep your existing payment processor, banking relation and ISO agent. Our Aldelo EDC payment processing software is certified on almost all major tier 1 payment processor platforms. To ensure a smooth transition, we suggest you or your ISO agent to contact our sales office at 800.531.4767 to find out which supported processor is the best choice before migrating the point of sale solution. (Note: Aldelo EDC license is sold separately)

How can I ask more about sales related questions?

Answer: Please contact us at 800.531.4767 or email at One of our market specialists will be happy to assist you.