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SunrisePOS offers many technical support, installation and training options to fit our customers exact support needs. From Normal Business Hour Monthly Support Plans – Telephone and Remote Assisted Support and Training – Annual 24/7 UNLIMITED Support and Upgrades to On-site Professional Services. We are ALWAYS just a phone call away!

Professional Installation

Through our network of experienced installation professionals that are certified to install all of our POS hardware and software solutions that we offer – we will have you up and running in hours and not days. Their expertise will ensures that your system will be set up correctly the first time and we are always here for you for after the sale support and training.

POS System Training

Through our network of Software Developers – SunrisePOS will provide a complete and in-depth training session or multiple sessions if desired – direct from the software company. This will insure you will be well trained and to make sure that you and your staff are fully capable of utilizing your POS solution from the very beginning. Our experts will insure that you are familiar with all of your system’s amazing features and functions.

Onsite Maintenance

Onsite maintenance is available if needed and you can be assured that you will receive prompt support if any issue arises that requires this service.

Optional Offsite Database Backup (Billed Monthly)

Offsite Database Backup service automatically stores all of your critical data at our secure offsite location. This allows you to rest assured that your important business information is always safe, even in the event of a power outage or physical damage to your system.

Remote Assisted Software and System Training and Support

Our software partners support team will be able to log into your system (with your approval only) to repair any issues with the software, troubleshoot hardware issues and provide additional training as needed. You will be able to observe the support team as the changes are made, speak to them one on one on any issue you are experiencing – allowing you to address the issue on your own in the future if the problem ever arises again.




Tech Support PicSunrisePOS service and support partners can handle just about anything you need – here is a list of many of the service and support options we offer:

  • On-Site and Remote Assisted Aldelo for Restaurants POS System Installation and Training Services
  • On-Site and Remote Assisted Comcash POS System Installation and Training Services
  • Multi-location POS System Role-Out Services
    POS Technical Support
  • Remote Assisted POS Installation and Training Services of ALL Kinds
  • CCTV Surveillance Camera System, Digital Signage System and access control system Installation Services (Remote Access Systems Available)
  • 24/7 – 365 Remote and On-Site POS Technical Support
  • 24/7 – 365 Remote access / Telephone Training
  • Hard-wired and wireless networks – Mesh Wireless Networks Also Available
  • Per Incident – Monthly – And Annual 24/7 Support and Maintenance Services Available
  • Off Site Data Back-up Services
  • Multi-Location POS Enterprise Level Management Systems
  • On-Line Ordering and Web Cart Interface Systems including iPhone and Android Apps
  • Professional Business System Consulting
  • Custom Solution Development – And Much More…..

Call us 24 hours a day – 7 days a week (714) 444-2844

Turn Key POS Systems are pre-configured at our facilities with the following procedure:


  • All Hardware is Burned In for a Minimum of 24 Hrs Before Shipping.
  • Software in Installed, Windows is configured for Optimum POS performance.
  • Multi-Terminal Configurations – will include Windows Network TCP/IP Configuration and Testing.
  • All required cabling will be tested, Clearly Labeled and included with their respective POS Hardware, also included is easy to follow instructions for you and running in a SNAP!


ALDELO Custom Menu Programming Services – Our staff can quickly program your custom menu, with all modifiers and food prep modifiers needed to run your operation smoothly. Most Top Level Menu’s can be programmed for FREE in some cases but difficult menus or second level menu programming fees start at $300.00.

Have a Very large OR Complex Menu? Fax or email us your Menu for a FREE Quote.


On-Site and Remote Assisted Software Training

Unlike any other time in our history, technology is changing at an unprecedented rate. Keeping up with current industry trends is a big challenge. Although computers are intended to help people become more productive, they often leave us confused and frustrated as their ability to do more at an accelerated rate can seem almost mind boggling.

Through our service and support professional partners – we can offer you basic or advanced training to move ahead with your personal skills and keep up with current trends. We provide patient, individualized coaching and small group training for businesses covering most all Windows and Mac computer functions and software applications including:

  • Aldelo for Restaurants POS System Implementation Services
  • Hand-Held Wireless Pay-at-the-Table and Mobile POS system Implementation Services
  • Aldelo for Restaurants Enterprise and Multi-location Management Services
  • Aldelo for Restaurants Multi-location Gift Card Management Services
  • SQL POS (Formerly Comcash Classic) POS Implementation Services
  • SQL POS (Formerly (Comcash Classic) POS add-on’s such as web-cart interface and wireless hand-held inventory units
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Transfer data across portable devices
  • iPod and iPad Applications
  • Managed Services
  • Mobile Websites
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft Access
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Outlook
  • Android Apps
  • iPhone and iTunes apps
  • Disaster Recovery and Prevention
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • Mesh Wireless Networks
  • Networking and Wireless Systems

Hardware and Software Support #’s

Aldelo Direct 209-338-5481
Pioneer POS 909-468-9757, option# 2
Elo 800-557-1458
Epson 800-234-1445
ID Tech 800-984-1010
Logic Controls 516-248-0400
MetroLogic 856-537-6400
MMF 800 769-1954
Star 800-782-7636
Touch Dynamics 732-382-5701
Verifone 877-659-8981
Whooz Calling 800 240-4637